Thursday, April 22, 2010

About U-2-Me

If your first hear about U-2-Me, you must try about this web feauture. Why? because U-2-Me is The Marketplace for Learning, with you join the U-2-Me you will enable to gain acces to knowledge and subject experts worldwide via various media format. U-2-Me encourages etrepreneurialism by enabling members to manage their accounts as a business and profit from what they know.The U-2-Me community and forum are the first of many U-2-Me applications to be deployed over the coming months.

U-2-Me will enable you to create personal or business profiles thus giving you the access to explore the U-2-Me COMMUNITY, where you can develop new contacts and market yourself as either a Knowledge Provider, Knowledge Seeker or both! The U-2-Me FORUM enables you to push the boundaries of thought, developing theories with like-minded people or you can simply discuss the issues of the day. The world is your oyster!!

U-2-Me brings together Knowledge Providers and Knowledge Seekers via the web. This powerful platform provides a host of tools and features to enable you to profit from what you know. The concept can be likened to that of eBay, whereas users on U-2-Me will trade knowledge and expertise rather than physical goods.

Try U-2-Me The Knowledge Exchange and get the profit from what you know :)

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